Mobile Offices and commitment to representation

Almost every week a constituent runs up to me looking panicked and asks me, 'Is there an election coming up?' There is not, of course. They have just seen me holding my regular mobile offices. 'Mobile office' is a pretty fancy title for what is essentially me on the side of a busy street under a shade sail with the A frames out and some plastic chairs, listening to locals who pass by and stop in. When I was elected last year, I outlined my intention to be as visible, accessible and responsive as I possibly can, and also as thoughtful as I possibly can about the challenges and the opportunities that lie in front of us in Brisbane. My mobile offices are just one of the ways I have been working hard to achieve that.

So I want to formally thank the 500 or so constituents who have come to talk to me so far at my mobile offices. They have helped me to prove the value of listening. Their thoughts, their feedback and their stories have made me a better representative. I am proud to record that, as of this month, I have now held over 100 mobile offices across Brisbane. If the one downside of that is that it causes the occasional moment of panic for people who are worried that they are missing out on an election, then the answer surely is for me to hold even more mobile offices until every last constituent knows that this is how I want to work to represent the people of Brisbane.